About Web by Pixel, LLC.

Web by Pixel is committed to providing state of the art dynamic web applications and related services to businesses. We strive to be the industry leader in providing collaborative business-2-business custom and standard solutions to bring a competitive edge to our clients, positioning them in the marketplace for acceleration of their success.

Frank M. Kromann, M.Sc.E.E.

CEO and co-founder

Frank Kromann has used his Masters degree in electrical engineering to focus on technologies used in new and innovative ways. Since the web browser was introduced in the mid 1990s Frank Kromann has been working on integrating database systems with web technology to solve and simplify complex business problems. He has worked with PHP Hypertext Pre-processing - a server side scripting language used to create dynamic web content - since 1997. He has been working with the PHP Core group and has contributed several extensions as well as a number of elements to the code base.

Frank is co-author of PHP 5 Recipes and the author of PHP and MySQL Recipes.

Frank has special strength in creating data models with full scalability and work flows that solve both simple and complex problems using the newest web technology.


Katja Kromann

Graphic Artist
CFO and co-founder

Katja Kromann has worked with many different types of medias such as web design, graphic design, photography, collages, paintings, image art and more over the last decade. She has worked with graphic design software and advanced digital photography since 2008 offering many types of design from web graphics to print templates as well as web design and content management design.

Some of her design work has been published in magazines and books.

Katja has special strength in the areas of color schemes, balance, flow and message when working with companies and their appearance on the web or in print


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