Ajax Technology
Ajax Technology
Asynchronous Javascript and XML
We have brought Content Management Systems (CMS) into the future by basing our frameless web applications in Ajax technology. And we have gone all out so that you get the whole Ajax technology experience when you surf websites with our CMS!

What is Ajax?

Ajax is a technology that changes how websites work. Instead of re-loading the whole web site each time you click on a menu item, link, gallery button, only the new content is loaded. This allows for a much smoother web experience and it can make loading faster too.

See the difference here (simulated)
Old WayNew Way
images/Page Thumbnails/newwayoldway.gif
Regular website - everything reloadsNew Ajax - much smoother

Search engines - Sitemap Application
We have added a Sitemap application which is placed outside the AJAX technology to allow web crawlers to see and index your content and make it searchable through internet search engines.

Our Sitemap application follows the standard of Sitemap.org