Content Management System

We set up all websites and web applications using our dynamic Content Management System, which we have created from the ground up to give you maximum flexibility and scalability for your solutions.

When you contract us to create a project with you, this is how we approach it.

Designing and creating your project

  1. Ideas & brain storming
  2. Conceptualize
  3. Designs & project descriptions
  4. Your approval
  5. Project creation
  6. Revision and final approval
  7. Tour and training

Our Content Management System is template driven, so you will be able to make changes to your site once we complete the project for you.

In fact we want to enable you to make changes as easily as possible to keep your website current and fresh!

Page Editor

Our rich text editor enables you to type and edit text, insert links and images without any knowledge of HTML. But if you prefer, you can switch to “code” mode and edit the HTML directly as well.

We think you are going to love how easy it is to make changes to your web site and web apps.

Stand out from the crowd

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