Google Analytics set-up


We have installed Sitemap to your website enabling the web crawler an even better access to indexing your site for the search engines.

To activate it, sign up or log into your Google WebMaster account ( and submit the Sitemap url which is:

More information about sitemap here:

Sign up or log-in to Google, click on Account
Click on webmaster tools
Click Add a site.
Type in and click continue.

Copy and paste the string that looks similar to this and email to u:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="SG456456weefeuu7vgZJ3_4scqqukgJ456456awere7AeAE" />

After we enter this string to your website, we will email you back and you will have to go here again to click "verify" for the set-up to be completed.

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