SEO, Responsive Design and Cloud Hosting

We use several different technologies to help make your site perform at its best!


We want to help you get discovered in Google and Yahoo searches by enabling SEO features on your site. 

Our tools will automatically generate sitemap.xml (used by Google) and urllist.txt (used by Yahoo) and we will work with you to generate Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools configurations for your new website.

Here is a comprehensive list detailing how to make your website SEO friendly.

Responsive design

Our CMS platform is designed with mobile devices and responsive technologies in mind. We set up all sites with in a way that they can comfortably be viewed on both mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets as well as on laptops and personal computers.

Here is an example of what a website looks like before and after it has been converted to responsive design.

In responsive design the text conforms to a bigger font when viewed on a mobile device.


Cloud hosting

We use cloud based web servers to achieve high reliability, availability as well as scalability. When your business is growing your website can grow right with you.
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