Access Control
Access Control
Direct and control access to your content.
Control access to all parts of your Content Management System with our flexible access model.
Organization Tree
The access model in WBP's CMS system is based on a tree structure where entities (Organization, Groups, Departments and Users) are linked together in a hierarchical tree structure.
At the trunk of the tree the Organizational entity defines the starting point and it can include users, groups and departments.

Groups and departments, the branches, can belong to the organization and to other groups and departments. Users can not contain any elements and can be seen as the leaves on the tree.
Control access - control content
When information is posted to the system the creator of the information can decide which entities of the organization will be able to see the information. Posting to the Organization (the top element) will make the information available to all users in the system. Posting to a single user will only make the information viewable to that users. The information can be posted to any number of groups, departments, users and/or the organization.

The access model is flexible enough to allow other organizational units to be included and it is possible to define the type of entities an information type can be posted to.

Share information and applications with others
The access model can be used to restrict access to a single department, multiple department or any mix of user, groups and departments. This can be used by large organizations with many departments or if multiple organizations/companies are using the Content Management System to share information.