Partner with us
Partner with us
Get all the CMS benefits!
We are getting a lot of positive feedback on the user friendliness of our Content Management System (CMS) and we want to partner with designers who want to use their own designs, but at the same time provide their own customers with a powerful CMS where they can easily change, delete and add content.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who designs websites, who wants to use a powerful Content Management System to manage content and design.

Client benefit

Your clients will have access to all the web tools of our Standard Package where they can easily change, delete and add content with the option to upgrade to even more tools. Hosting is included in our solution as well as daily back-up of the client’s web site. Other benefits are our built-in image Resize, our Flash Slide Show tool, tool tips and pop-ups - all to let your client create an exciting website with more dynamic content that is easy to change.

Designer benefit

Our Template system has a built in HTML validator and our CSS themes application has multi-themes option, auto complete, bulk insert, color picker, filter, bulk copy, import and export functions so you get done faster!

You can partner with us and either pass on your design and specifications and let us set up the site, or if you wish, you can have access to all the template functions (This part is HTML and CSS driven) and set up both the Site template, Menu template and individual Page and Section templates and more.

If you choose to set up the site yourself with our tools, you will soon benefit from the huge time savings of having our administrative and web site set-up tools at your fingertips.

Are you curious?

Take a look at our Demo website

Then call us and we will take you on a guided tour through our system - no obligation.