Flexible and scalable solutions
Flexible and scalable solutions
To meet your needs
Flexibility with templates and themes

We can provide you with a powerful CMS to handle all your business needs, but at the same time we do not want you to compromise in the design of your site. Our CMS is template driven, which means that our CMS conforms to the design of your website - not the other way around.

Our CMS can also handle multiple site templates and multiple CSS Themes, which can be interlinked to create truly custom solutions for your website - even very complex setups with different looks for different users, groups and/or departments. In addition to this a single back-end can be used to drive multiple websites (on different domains) and each can have a different look and feel but share some or all the data.

Virtually all parts of our system can be custom designed.

Scalable - our system can grow with your business

When your needs change or grow, our system is ready to change and grow with you!

Even after your CMS has been set up, it is easy to add or delete groups and departments as well as users. With our CMS you are never tied down to a specific configuration.

A few examples of how our system is infinitely scalable:
Our Page application allows for Pages in Pages. This means that you can have an infinite amount of sub menus with new loadable content inside your pages, while still benefiting from the smooth loading that comes from using Ajax technologies. Read more about Ajax. Visit our Demo website to see how pages in pages work.

Our Menu application allows for infinite layers of sub menus and we support tree structures and drop down menus that can be styled.

Our Page application allows for an infinite amount of sections.

Our File Upload and Library application can be organized into an infinite number of folders and sub-folders.

You can create an infinite amount of blogs with our Blog application and galleries with our Gallery application.

You get the idea...

The very principle behind all our applications is scalability!