Adding an intranet to your business gives you a corporate portal that lets you and your staff communicate and keep up with what is current in your company.

An intranet helps make everyday office tasks easy and reduces paper clutter.

Our intranet is fully integrated with our CMS so you can simplify your life without adding yet another system.

Our intranet consists of several modules. You just pick which ones you want to use:

Intranet Modules

  • Dashboard
  • Registered Users
  • Bulletin Board
  • Document Sharing
  • Resource Booking
  • Organization Tree
  • Employee profiles
  • Bookmarks
  • Message Center
  • Connections Center
  • Skills Management
  • Forum (Coming)
  • Calendar (Coming)
  • Pin
  • Project Management
  • Training

Need more?

If you have a need for a specialized office routine, just as with our other custom web applications, we can easily add on more modules, even custom applications to your intranet, as needed.
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