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Web by Pixel Content Management System
These are the web applications included in our Standard Package as well as a list of our add-on modules.

Virtual packaging - Our solutions are hosted online - not down-loadable
Ready to use
Our Content Management System’s Standard package contains a full range of web applications to handle your web site needs such as Pages, Flash Slide Show, File upload with Image Resize, and much more. Please find complete list below.

In addition to our Standard package we also offer Add-on modules as well as customized business-to-business web applications which can handle some or all of your business work flow and online transactions.

/images/Page Thumbnails/StartNow.pngOur web applications are Ajax based for a smoother feel and they have full scalability and can expand with your needs. Your solutions can be as simple or complex as you require them to be.
Web by Pixel CMS - Standard Package
ApplicationDescriptionFeatures/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolable.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedriven.jpg
PagesCreate unlimited pages and sectionsSections with sort order. Unlimited sections per page. Each page and section can have its own template/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
Pages in pagesCreate an area on a page with sub menu and confined reloadHandles sub menus with sub pages in a structured way. Pages in pages has unlimited levels./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
Flash Slide ShowCreate Flash Slide Shows and insert them anywhere on your web site.Multiple slide effects, Menu option - any color, with color picker. Auto-start option, border option, border color with color picker. Make Flash a button (link)./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg
BlogCreate Blogs for your websiteBlog posts with date stamp and author. Calendar and monthly archive, recent post list. Blog post links. Set posts shown per page. Rss feed subscription. Blog moderator option and more/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
Blog SummaryA dynamically updated list of blog entriesAutomatic thumbnail generation from blog Posts. Set post length and number of posts shown. Generate from multiple blogs as well./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
Comments NEWReceive comments on a blog, page, etc.Used as a standard in Blog, but can be used on a page etc. Captcha for unregistered users. Email option on comment receipt/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
Contact FormSecurely receive contacts through your web siteInsert any input field or drop down. Receive an email when a contact is received with email template application. Other forms can be custom created./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
GlossaryAutomatic mouse-over tool tips on defined phrasesOrganize phrases in folders. Create mouse-over tool tip, mouse-over pop-up or click pop-up from a Glossary phrase. Insert images in tool tips or pop-ups.

Single use tool tip and pop-ups can also be created with web commands. Embed a page with flash, video, images etc.
/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
EmoticonsGraphics that display emotion also known as smileysUpload your own or have some custom made. Our CMS has 10 standard emoticons./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg
(if uploaded to Library)
Web by Pixel CMS - Standard Package Administrator
ApplicationDescriptionFeatures/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolable.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedriven.jpg
Site TemplatesThe main design of your websiteMultiple Site templates option, Multiple domain name handling, Meta tags, Meta description, Meta keywords. Logged-in User greeting option, Sitemap subscription option. The main site set up is HTML and CSS driven. (add-on service)/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
MenuThe main menu for your web siteAdd and delete menu items. Sub menu option - unlimited levels. Auto open sub menu option. Sort order and re-sort on menu items. Login button option./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
TemplatesTemplates for pages, sections, blogs, glossary, menus and moreTemplates use dynamic place holders (markers). Templates has hide/show option for markers. This part of our system is HTML and CSS driven. /images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
ThemesCSS styling with themesCSS Themes list with filter. Bulk classes copy funtion by filter. Import and export of classes by filter. Auto complete on Attribute names. Color picker and more/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
File UploadUpload files for your web siteUpload images, text files, flash, videos and much more. Folder and folders in folders structure. Image Resize and Image Crop. Upload zip files that automatically unzip. Overwrite option.

(Controlling access at file level is available with our Library application, which is an add-on module)
Address bookFor all your contactsFor addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and more. Can also be used with custom applications/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg
StatisticsMonitor website trafficUnique hits, hits per page, referrer click-troughs and more
OrganizationThe hierarchy within your organizationUsers, groups and departments and the foundation of access control throughout the system/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg
PreferencesYour presetsCustomize your time and date stamps, Choose time zone, default page and much more/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg
Email TemplatesReceive email when you receive input on your websiteEmail when contacts or comments are entered or other input from users. Can also be used with custom solutions for status or process changes./images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
SitemapAdd and remove your content to the SitemapMake content in pages, sections, blogs etc. available for web crawl and indexing by the search engines.

Our Sitemap application follows the standard of
Web by Pixel CMS - Standard Package ADD-ON Modules
ApplicationDescriptionFeatures/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolable.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedriven.jpg
LibraryAccess control for your uploaded filesUpload images, text files, flash, videos and much more. Images have unique IDs so the reference point is kept when you move the file to a different folder. Folder and folders in folders structure. Image Resize and Image Crop. Upload zip files that automatically unzip. Overwrite option./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
GalleryCreate user controlled galleriesGallery index shows the latest upload to any gallery, Gallery detail page shows a specific gallery. Slide show option. Auto-start option. Thumbnail option. Galleries can be inserted in pages and blogs as well./images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg
User registrationAllow anonymous users to register on your websiteManage registered users and set defaults for new registered users. Forgotten password feature with email set-up/images/Page Thumbnails/accesscontrolablecheck.jpg/images/Page Thumbnails/templatedrivencheck.jpg