Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most often asked questions about our products and services.

If there is a question you do not find an answer to, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I don't know any HTML, but I would like to manage my web site content myself. Can I do that?

Yes! Our Content Management System has an easy to use Rich Text Editor where you can enter or edit text, insert links and images and much more without any HTML knowledge.

I don't have a design for my website. Can Web by Pixel help with that too?

Yes! Web by Pixel is a full service website provider. In addition to our Content Management System, we offer Business branding such as logo design, business card design and web design.

We even offer photography for products, portraits for your about page (if you are local) or any other type of photography you might need for your website or identity design.

I already have a website, but i would like to move to a Content Management System. Can I use Web by Pixel, yet still keep the design, look and feel of my current website?

Yes! We can set up a Web by Pixel Content Management System gaining all the flexibility and features that a Web by Pixel website offers while still keeping your site looking the same.

I want to integrate our company's workflow into our website. Can I do that?

Yes! One of the strengths of using a Web by Pixel Content Management System is that we offer fully integrated business applications such as an Intranet to work within your website. We also develop custom applications that work seamlessly within your website, giving you strong tools to conduct your business in a faster and more efficient way.

We need a website that can handle communication and interaction of a large organization or community. There are levels of Management, Supervisors as well as customers who log on etc.? Will a Web by Pixel website be able to handle our complex organizational structure of access levels?

Yes! Web by Pixel's has a very flexible organizational access model built in to all features of the web applications. Your website can be customized to handle even very complex access models within your organization or network.

For instance you could post any type of news such as quarterly sales reports and control giving managing level viewing rights to certain parts of the report.

You can control who in your organization has administrative rights to edit, moderate or post content to your website.

We need a website that can handle technical information, yet still be able to explain technical terms in a way that is easy to access for our members. Should we get a Web by Pixel website?

Yes! As part of the standard Web by Pixel website you will find our Glossary application where you can easily catalog all your technical terms with our Glossary application.

Each term can be explained with a title and text as well as images. Your website will automatically update the defined term to display on your page with a mouse-over Tool Tip showing the title, text and images you have specified.

Example: technical terms.

We want to control every aspect of the design of our site. Will a Web by Pixel website work for us?

Yes! Virtually every element of a Web by Pixel web site can be styled to meet your needs! It is practically limitless the ways that a Web by Pixel Content Management System can be set up.

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